How to get children to lose their fear of the dentist

Being afraid of the dentist, unfortunately, is very common among children. It is due to the mixture between the fear of the unknown and the invasive treatments to which they occasionally end up exposed.

If when you arrive at the clinic you start to cry, hide behind us, make movements to make the dentists’ work more difficult or begin to feel ill just before going to the specialist, it is indicative that our son or daughter is afraid of the pediatric dentist.

How is the first visit to the children’s dentist?

In this first visit, the pediatric dentist will examine all the dental pieces, checking their hardness, their color and will examine if there is decay.

To prevent the fear of the infant dentist, the child must be accustomed to going to the consultation since the first teeth come out. Thanks to this, we will get you familiar with the consultation and the environment of this.

In addition to this, periodic reviews must be made in which the treatment of occlusal sealants will be applied. It is a non-invasive technique that prevents the appearance of decay in the teeth of children.

This type of treatment, accompanied by a routine of dental hygiene, will preserve your dental health intact, thus avoiding invasive treatments such as tooth extraction.

How to reduce the fear of child dentists?

Before taking them to the children’s dentist, we recommend that you accompany them from time to time to the dentist. In this way, they will become familiar with dental clinics, instruments and their environment.

When we see that we do not get scared or hurt, they will realize that the dental clinic is not a hostile environment and that we will prevent them from going to the scared pediatric dentist. In addition, we will transmit confidence and gain security.

Another point that we must take into account is not to make negative comments. That is, if you hear us make such comments, you will believe that dentists and everything related to dental health is harmful and a threat to them.

And finally, look for a pediatric dentist who is used to dealing with children, one that can help them in their stressful situations. If you follow all these tips, your son or daughter will go to the consultation in a carefree way and will not panic at the time of dental checkups or treatments.